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             Company Introduction: Founded in 2003, the company is a professional manufacturer of general-purpose connecting rods, aluminum alloy connecting rods for air compressors and aluminum alloy parts for commercial vehicles. The company has an annual capacity of 6 million sets The company is located in Shuangfu New District, Jiangjin District---a rising industrial zone of Chongqing. It is 2 kilometers away from Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, 10 minutes drive from Chongqing Inner Ring, and only 50 minutes drive from Jiangbei International Airport. The transportation is very convenient. The company covers an area of 30,667m2 and has 1 office building, 2 standardized workshops, 1 accommodation building and 1 leisure and entertainment venue.


          頁面版權所有:重慶昌躍機電制造有限公司 地址:重慶市江津雙福新區聚源路5號
          座機:023-47268538 傳真:023-47268539 郵箱:changyue2002@126.com
          官網:www.vanalexo.com 技術支持:濱喜科技